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March 22, 2021 - 2:09 PM

Things we learned about organizing from watching The Home Edit

Our kitchens are some of the highest traffic, high-use spaces in our homes. Because of this, they can also easily become the most disorganized. Like many during quarantine, we watched Get Organized with The Home Edit as it made its Netflix debut and immediately wanted to get to work on organizing our own spaces. Here are some tips we learned from the ladies of The Home Edit: 


The pantry:

While The Home Edit girls don’t have a one-size-fits-all system, they always recommend breaking things into categories vs. their traditional rainbow system. Look at your items and break them into groups like snacks, dinner, baking, kids, or health foods. Another tip? The smaller the space, the more meticulous you need to be with your organizing strategy. 


The fridge: 

Just like with other areas of the home, The Home Edit suggests starting with taking EVERYTHING out to take inventory. While everything is out, deep clean the inside of the fridge while you’re at it. While everything is out, group like items together and divide your fridge into sections so you can visualize where everything will go when you put it back. The final step? Contain and label! Keeping items in containers within the fridge ensures that keeping your fridge and freezer clean and organized will be easier to maintain. The bottom line? It takes effort to make sure you put everything back in the right place. Plus, don’t buy groceries you don’t need or don’t use to avoid throwing away food. 



Once again, take everything out of your drawers so you can see just how much you have. It may surprise you! Chances are, there are plenty of utensils that you can consign or donate. Less is more when it comes to kitchen items and appliances. Focus on quality and not quantity. Invest in drawer dividers that fit the size of your drawers to keep your hard work in place when you start to put things back. While you have everything out, maybe now is a good time to evaluate if you liked where things were located around your kitchen too!


Special stations: 

Consider creating special stations for your favorite things! Do you love a gourmet morning coffee? Create a specific counter space, coffee cabinet, or coffee cart for everything you need, all in one place. Bringing in fun decor can bring personality and function together too! 

Want some of these amazing organizational features built-in? Our team is ready to design custom cabinets and the pantry of your dreams! Get in touch and schedule a design consultation! Call us at  (772) 234-0155 or email us at

February 17, 2021 - 10:36 AM

Roles Our Kitchens Play

A kitchen is now much more than just a place to cook. It’s also used for entertaining guests, doing homework, sharing meals with the family, working from home, and e-learning. The layout of your kitchen should serve all of these needs. Contact Signature Kitchens to help with all of your remodel or new construction projects. 

In the past, a kitchen’s sole purpose was to make meals, therefore they used to be closed off from the rest of the house. However, as time went on, kitchens have become a main living space of the house. People are yearning for a layout that can better accommodate entertaining guests. When it is safe to get together again, make sure the host is still involved in conversations when they are cooking by creating an open concept kitchen that allows views to the family room. An island with bar seating is also a great addition that promotes conversation while the host is preparing food in the kitchen. Working with Signature Kitchens of Vero Beach will bring your custom kitchen ideas to life by creating an open-concept kitchen to suit your needs, specific lifestyle, and entertaining style.

Because COVID-19 has banished us to our homes to stay safe, people need to find new spaces around the house to set up their remote work areas. Many don’t have home offices and resort to the kitchen table all while kids are also using the kitchen table or island as their desk for e-learning. Organization and functionality are more important than ever. We can adjust your kitchen space to add storage for school supplies and work files in a convenient location so all paperwork has a home. Say goodbye to cluttered kitchen tables with stacks of papers. Signature Kitchens can help create beautiful cabinetry to hide all of the clutter.

Let Signature Kitchens transform your kitchen to meet your family’s needs today. Please

February 17, 2021 - 10:29 AM

Creating a Productive Home Office with Custom Cabinets

Now more than ever, people need a functional home office space where they can get all their work done from the comfort and safety of their own home. Whether you find you are in need of more practical storage, desk space, or merely desire a beautiful area to work in all day, custom cabinets are the answer. 

With custom cabinets, you can repurpose the design of any room to better fit your needs. From lacking a simple built-in kitchen desk all the way to wanting a large office with built-in bookcases, Signature Kitchens can help you. 

If you are looking to include shelves to decorate with aesthetically pleasing decor or a built-in shelving unit, custom cabinetry can create a stunning yet still realistic office space with lots of storage.

We can install under-mount lighting on the bottom of the overhead cabinets so that your workspace is illuminated while you work. This feature is also great to make sure you are clearly visible for video meetings. As well as functional lighting, puck lights can be installed in each shelf to spotlight your decorations, making for a more luxurious look.

Another consideration is the color scheme you go with. All white cabinets would create a calm, clean space to avoid distractions while you are working. Stained wood cabinetry gives off a more homey, cozy vibe if that is what helps you be the most productive. You can even get fun with a dual-colored cabinet design to spark creativity and inspiration.

When designing your home office, you want to be efficient with your space. Custom cabinetry aids in maximizing your storage and organization. We can create cabinets that are perfectly sized to fit and hide a printer or serve as a pullout file cabinet for your paperwork. These personalized cabinets are useful for housing all of the clutter, cords and everyday office supplies that are not pretty, but necessary.

Custom cabinets are also a great option when trying to turn one room into a shared workspace if more than one person in your household works from home. It is very simple to split up a room based on a strategic cabinet layout that will allow for two desk spaces, while still providing plenty of storage space. 

Working from home and realizing that there is something missing that could help your productivity immensely? Signature Kitchens is at your service to design a custom space for your home office needs.